The Trust for Unpopular Causes

Charity No. 1168754

the picture above is of a Palestinian child ‘arrested’ and blindfolded by courageous Israeli soldiers for more details of Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children go to  Defence for Palestinian Children


The Brighton Trust, otherwise known as the Trust for Unpopular causes was formed on 20th January 2016 and was registered as a charity on 12th August 2016.

We were set up by Brighton Unemployed Workers Centre and we receive an annual grant from a trust fund that the Centre established in May 2014.

We are a small charity with an annual income between five and ten thousand pounds a year.

We make small grants, of between £50 and £250 to a range of groups. As our working title implies, we wish to support groups who are actively challenging oppression and exploitation. Our trustees are all delegates to Brighton and Hove Trades Council or otherwise active in the trade union movement.