Applications for a Grant

Applying for a Grant

Please write to the Secretary at: PO Box 173,  Rottingdean, Brighton BN51 9EZ or send an email to

In your letter please outline the nature of your project, your estimated budget, your finances at the present moment and the nature of your group.  Any letter does not need to be more than 1 page and we do not want enclosures.  We hope to respond within one month.

Please be aware that we trustees normally select recipients of grants themselves however you are welcome to try and convince us!

Our maximum grant is usually £250.

As our name suggests, we look for unpopular radical causes.  We have a particular liking for pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist groups. We have given to Israeli groups who support human rights but will not support anything that upholds Israeli Apartheid.

We  will also not support anything to do with the British Army, militarism or colonialism.  As you can see from the existing recipients we support those who are victims of capitalism and colonialism not the perpetrators!

You can also phone or leave a message on 07843350343

Beware that we have adopted the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre in Jenin, so we make regular payments to it and crowdfund for it.